Hey, it’s Corey (I don’t go on this tumblr alot, lol I go on my twitter a hell of alot more sooo twitter.com/coreyan_)

Well, I’ve accumulated alot of One Shot, hyde, Real 100%, and Smoky Girl Albums in the past few months, and now I’m gonna sell them!! If you are interested in buying please contact me by emailing me at corymassey.cm@gmail.com. I only accept payments via PayPal and all prices are in USD!

In stock: 17 BAP - ONE SHOT albums

Choose your photocard: (BAP ONE SHOT): 2 Yongguk, 2 Himchan cards, 3 Daehyun cards, 4 Jongup, and 2 Zelo.

In stock: 6 VIXX - hyde albums

Choose your member insert: 2 N, 1 Ken, 1 Hongbin, 2 Hyuk

In Stock: 5 MBLAQ - Smoky Girl albums

Choose your photocard: 2 Seungho, 2 G.O, 1 Mir

In stock: 100% - REAL 100% albums

(This album has no photocard)

I ship internationally!!

Shipping prices for 1 CD!:

Countries around Korea (Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc): $8 USD

Southeast Asia countries (Malaysia, Philipines, Thailand, Singapore, etc): $12 USD

Western countries, Australia, and New Zeland (including USA, Canada, Europe, Russia, etc): $5

Central and South America (Mexico, Brazil, Peru, etc): $6

 ****If you want more than 1 CD, for every extra CD add on $3 to the shipping price!****

Price for ALL CDs!

With photocard: $15

Without photocard: $5 ( $10 if you’re buying the 100% album)

JUST photocard: $15 (shipping to anywhere REGARDLESS of where you live Is $5)

Because you have the choice to choose the photocard, the albums will all be unwrapped, but undamaged. No posters for any CD’s, and they are all not signed!

If you are interested please e-mail at Corymassey.cm@gmail.com!

If you have any questions please ask in my askbox, to my Twitter, or to my ask.fm (ask.fm/Coreyan) and I will get back to you asap!

When you E-mail me please put “Buying BAP One Shot (*Your Tumblr or Twitter Username*)” as the subject!

Please put this form in your email if you are completely sure you are going to buy CD’s from me!:

Real name:


Country / State / Province:

Quantity of CD’s:

Photocard (yes/no):

Which photocard you want (if yes in previous question):

Total price:

Name on Paypal:

E-mail linked to you Paypal:

After I receive this, I will reply to you with my Paypal ID for you to send the money, then I’ll ask for your location/address and will give you a confirmation the package has been sent as soon as I send it. After you make the payment, the CD’s should be sent the day after!

Thank you so much! ^^

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jongup: limited edition zelo for sale | quantity: 1
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